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Nissan VQ35 Short Block (3.5L)

High Performance Short Block Assemblies
Manufacturer: Cosworth
Nissan VQ35 Short Block (3.5L)
The Cosworth VQ35DE high performance short block is the perfect foundation for your high performance application. Each High Performance Short Block is hand assembled by one of Cosworth's skilled engine builders to exact specifications utilizing all new components and is available in either high compression 11:1 or low compression 8.8:1 for turbo or supercharged applications. To ensure smooth operation throughout the entire RPM range, each rotating assembly is carefully balanced, an essential requirement for high performance VQ35s. Additionally, comprehensive build sheet listing all critical dimensions is included. Use with our CNC ported Big Valve Cylinder Heads for maximum reliable performance.
Includes the following:
  • Cosworth Forged H-beam Connecting Rods
  • Cosworth Forged Pistons and rings
  • Cosworth Tri-metal bearings
  • Balanced to within .5 gram
  • Complete blue-print assembly
  • Ring gap set
  • Bearing clearance set
  • Deck height set
  • Connecting Rod side clearance set
  • Crankshaft end float set
Model # KK3879
MSRP: $8,239.00
7.828Price: $7,828.00/each
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