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Stillen Grounding Kit Nissan Altima 2.5L 02-06

Manufacturer: Stillen
Stillen Grounding Kit Nissan Altima 2.5L 02-06

You are losing horsepower and torque without STILLEN's new Grounding Kits. Today's engine management systems utilize hundreds of sensors and in some cases over 12 onboard computers that constantly monitor all parameters of the engine and powertrain. Installing STILLEN's Grounding Kit ensures that sensors and computers are not affected by power surges that can drain performance. This ensures that all wire diameters are optimal for amperage and current travel distance. These kits feature 8-gauge copper wire, gold plated connectors along with 4-gauge & 8-gauge ring connectors, and are developed specifically for your application. Available in silver or red. These grounding kits will also improve the shifting on automatic transmission vehicles, and in most cases noticeably improve shift times and reduce lag.


Model # 606330
MSRP: $138.18
92.65Price: $92.65/each
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