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Nismo Racing Oil Cooler Kit (34 row) -- 370z

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Manufacturer: Nismo
Nismo Racing Oil Cooler Kit (34 row) -- 370z

Racing oil cooler kit

One of the weak points of the new 3.7L Nissan motors on the 370Z and the Infiniti G37 is that the oil temps tend to get very hot , very quickly under track conditions.  Even daily driving can see the oil temps skyrocket with any sort of spirited driving.  Due to this, for optimal performance, engine and oil life, an oil cooler is essential.  Highly recomended for any track driven car, and a good safety measure for all daily driver cars. 

Includes 34  row Seatrab Core, oil filter adapter, racing hoses, brackets / air guides, and hardware.  Complete kit. 

the only oil cooler that is SCCA legal

Fits 370Z Will fit G37 Infiniti with minor modifications to mounting bracket

Model # 21300-SS370
MSRP: $999.99
999.99Price: $999.99/each
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