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JDM Nissan Z32 300ZX Front Bumper Install Kit

Front Aero
Manufacturer: Nissan
JDM Nissan Z32 300ZX Front Bumper Install Kit

This kit includes all components required for installing a JDM spec front bumper onto your Z32 300ZX. 

The kit includes the following parts:


62040-VP100 Bumper Bracket (req. 1)

62318-VP100 clips (req. 4)

62094-VP100 Bumper Spacer (req.1)

26125-VP126 Front Combination lamp JDM LH

26120-VP126 Front Combinatinon lamp JDM RH

62254-VP100 Mesh Grille

62684-VP100 Intercooler guide RH

62685-VP100 Intercooler guide LH

Note: Kit does not include bumper

Model # Z32 KIT
MSRP: $370.00
310Price: $310.00/set
(Online Price Only)
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