The Nissan Juke is one of many vehicles available in Nissan’s motorsports line, Nismo. As Nismo racing enthusiasts, we understand how important performance is to drivers. One change or part could make the difference in acceleration or handling. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Nissan Juke’s performance or even the horsepower and torque, we have an extensive inventory of genuine Nissan and aftermarket parts available at Nissan Race Shop. When you hit the road – or track – in your Juke, you should feel that your vehicle is reliable and has the best output possible. That’s why we stock everything you need to make any modifications or enhancements to your engine, suspension, brakes, wheels or even interior and exterior.

From cooling and ignition systems, to air filters and transmission and drivetrain upgrades, we can make it happen at Nissan Race Shop, all with excellent customer service and low prices.