The Nissan Rogue consistently lands in the top spots for its segment, and for good reason too! It’s a versatile crossover SUV that can meet the needs of all kinds of drivers, whether it’s your daily driver, a family car or if you like to take it off-roading, there’s something for everyone. Because the Rogue is up to any task, it can be upgraded and enhanced to squeeze out even more performance and power.

Nissan Race Shop supplies the exact type of OEM and aftermarket parts you need, providing quality and trustworthy parts at affordable prices. To get more out of your Rogue either in the city or on rugged terrain, one of the most popular upgrades is to the engine system. Whether you’re looking to change out the air intake filters to help get more flow to the engine and increase horsepower or improving the brake system to make your Rogue even more responsive, Nissan Race Shop can help you. Every and any kid of quality performance parts are at your fingertips – just enter your model year and trim and you’ll find all the compatible parts to make your modification project even easier.