The Nissan Versa is a great choice for a city car because of its compact size and zippy performance. Right off the lot, the Versa offers quick speeds and acceleration but as car and racing enthusiasts we are always on the lookout for areas of improvement and greater speed. Through Nissan Race Shop, we will help you find the right genuine parts to make customizations and modifications to your car that are dependable and trustworthy. Whether you’re looking to enhance the car’s performance and handling, or change up the aesthetics of the car to appear sportier and more athletic, all the right parts can be found at Nissan Race Shop, for the right price, too.

Some of the upgrades you can make to your Versa to bring out even more power from the engine are in the performance chips, and engine, brake, exhaust and suspension systems. Nissan Race Shop will not only direct you to the appropriate parts, but can install them as well.