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S13 SR20DET Full Gasket Set (RED TOP)


S13 SR20DET Full Gasket Set (RED TOP)

$234.00 $119.95

10101-50F25. In stock 4 lbs ,


Genuine Nissan JDM SR20DET full engine rebuild gasket kit. Kit includes all gaskets, seals and silicone necessary when rebuilding your SR20.

For increased boost applications we recommend purchasing metal head gasket and multi-layer metal exhaust manifold gasket.

Items Included:
*Nissan silicone gasket (orange)
*copper oil drain crush washer
*stock size headgasket
*rear main crankshaft seal
*timing chain tensioner gasket
*valve stem seals (16)
*valve cover gaskets (main and spark plug well gaskets)
*front main crankshaft seal
*intake manifold collector gasket
*intake manifold gasket
*exhaust manifold gasket
*turbo inlet gasket
*turbo outlet gasket
*intake inlet tube gasket
*oil strainer/pickup o-ring
*fuel injector o-rings (4 upper, 4 lower)
*cam angle sensor gasket
*throttle body gasket
*water temp sensor gasket
*AAC valve gasket

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 3 in


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