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Torco Unleaded Accelerator 32oz Bottle


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With many of the same additives that are utilized in Torco Racing Fuels formulas, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the makeup of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel.

Torco Accelerator will lower the end burn temperature which makes your fuel burn more completely thus releasing all of the power that your engine has to offer.  Efficiency equals horsepower.

Mix a 32oz can of Torco Accelerator to 10 gallons of 91 premium unleaded to make an efficient 102 octane race gas.  Or mix with 5 gallons of premium unleaded to make a whopping 105 Octane. Torco Accelerator is unleaded, so it will not harm sensitive 02 sensors or catalytic converters.

Torco Accelerator in a convenient 32oz can is more user-friendly than handling drums of race fuel. Perfect for any race engine, high performance street car, motorcycle, ATV or watercraft application that require octane levels of 102-105.  Can be used in carbureted, injected, turbo or blown engines.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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