The Infiniti G37 is considered a prized car by many racing enthusiasts because of its attractive and elegant styling yet quick speeds and excellent power and handling. Since the Infiniti G series has been rebranded under other models, we at Nissan Race Shop understand the importance of finding the right quality parts to make any repairs or upgrades to your G37.

Modifying and customizing your vehicle is an important part of Nissan and Infiniti car culture. Making changes that optimize your Infiniti G37’s performance, like the chassis and engine can all be done at Nissan Race Shop. You can conveniently shop online and have our technicians install the parts for you. With these sorts of modifications, it’s important to make sure your G37 has the appropriate balance to accommodate the extra power, and we can help you find the best parts for your situation. By finding the right parts that will ensure your car runs as smoothly and efficiently as it did on the day you bought it, or better and faster, you need the right high-quality OEM or aftermarket parts, all of which can be found at Nissan Race Shop. From brakes to spark plugs or a new suspension, we can help you find exactly what you need.