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SPL Pro Rear Endlinks Z33


SPLREZ33 In stock 5 lbs , ,



    Stock endlinks when used with aftermarket sway bars tend to fail due to 2 reasons:

the higher loads due to the stiffer aftermarket sway bars wear down the bearings

the stock endlinks are placed in a position that causes them to bind when used on the extreme settings of aftermarket adjustable sway bars.

Our stabilizer endlinks address these problems:

massive 1/2″ spherical bearings, larger than stock or any aftermarket endlinks. The large bearing size increases load capacity and reduces wear

QA1’s high misalignment bearings which allow for 65deg of articulation. This offers more articulation than stock or any other aftermarket endlinks

Adjustable spacers, to adjust the position of the endlinks to prevent binding

Our endlinks are also length adjustable so they can be used to eliminate preload on the sway bars. This is especially important for cars using coilovers, as the process of corner-weighting will create different suspension heights which can cause undesirable preload on the sway bars. Adjusting the length of the endlinks will allow for proper corner-weighting without creating preload on the sway bars.

This Part Fits:

03-08 Nissan 350z

03-08 Infiniti G35

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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