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22401-SR20X In stock 0.2 lbs , , , , , ,


Spark plugs for the SR20DET come in many different heat ranges, Nissan offers the different heat ranges depending on the performance level of your engine. We also offer different spark plugs for different types of uses  please read below for then recommended use of each spark plug

PFR6B OEM Sparkplug in japan for the SR20DE(T) this is a platinum tipped sparkplug perfect for the bolt on enthusiast on factory level boost

PFR7B OEM Sparkplug platinum tipped plug one step colder, originally used for hotter climates to keep detonation down. this is the spark plug to run for the guys with more than bolt on power, the guys with upgraded turbos and boost higher than factory spec.

BKR6E This is the copper core spark plug in factory heat range for the SR20DET Copper sparkplugs arc easier in the combustion chamber and are less likely to spark blowout. However the spark plug copper core also wears out much faster and tends to need replacement very often. life span will vary depending on the use of the car.

BKR7E This is the copper core plug that is one step colder, much like the platinum plug this is the one recommended for the modified SR20’s with upgraded turbos and boost higher than stock.


These spark plugs can also be used with the KA24DE that has been fitted with a turbo or forced induction application.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in
Heat Range

6, 7


Copper, Platinum


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