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Whiteline KCA402 Front Anti-Lift/Caster Kit for R35 GT-R

Whiteline KCA402 Front Anti-Lift/Caster Kit for R35 GT-R


KCA402 In stock 3 lbs


Front Lower Control Arm — Rear Mounting
A product well known in the Subaru WRX/STi market, has been successfully applied to the heralded R35 GTR.  With the KCA402 fitted to the Nissan more compliant suspension will be induced during braking and accelerating.  This will benefit traction, as the wheel will be able to track the tarmac more precisely.  In terms of balance, the front end will have a proportionally lower roll resistence during traction or braking.  Aids in reducing the power understeer effect that is present in these vehicles and resulting in a  greater handling GT-R.  Even better is the additional positive caster gains resulting in a sharper, more precise steering feel.

“Anti” features in suspension systems are a characteristic that can be used to influence the stiffness of the front or rear suspension under traction forces (under braking or accelerating).  the individual terms are relatively straightforward and self-explanatory with the “anti” reducing or totally resticting the characteristic (lifting or diving).  In the front suspension there may be levels of anti-dive during braking and anti-lift during accerating (assuming traction to the front wheels is present), similarly in the rear there could be anti lift during braking and anti-squat during acceleration.

This Part Will Fit:

09-14 Nissan R35 GT-R

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3 in


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