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Tanabe DF210 Springs – Infiniti G35 4dr 03-06


TDF082 In stock 30 lbs , , , , , , ,


Tanabe Springs are some of the strongest springs available for automotive use (2100n/m) and are created using some of the most advanced methods and machinery in the world. We are one of the only manufacturers who have obtained the world quality manufacturing certification ISO9001

All of our coil springs feature SUSTEC 210 Technology. Sustec 210 Technology is a series of manufacturing methods developed to create a stronger, thinner, and lighter spring using only high tensile steel, without adding additional elements that could affect quality, durability, or price.

“210” stands for 2100n/m of tensile strength, which is the highest strength ever acheived in a coil spring. The Tanabe Shiga factory in Japan is home to some of the most advanced, unique coil spring machines and processes in the world!
G35 4dr 03-06  rates: fr / rr 5.1 / 5.0   height drop:  fr / rr 1.7 / 1.5

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 8 in


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